Make Giveaway

27 April 2022 - Wednesday
Make Giveaway

The things that need to be done to make the giveaway are quite simple. The main reason for giveaway from social media applications is to increase the popularity of user accounts. If you provide follower traffic to your account, many advantages come with it. The most effective factor that provides this traffic is the giveaways.

How to Make Instagram Giveaways?

Instagram giveaways are pretty easy to do. First of all, giveaway planning should be done here. Apart from this, there are many steps that are important and need to be considered while making an Instagram giveaway. If these steps are done correctly, the targeted goal is easily achieved.

How to Giveaway?

At the beginning of the giveaway steps is to determine the purpose of the giveaway. In Instagram giveaways, the purpose of the giveaway must be determined in advance. The result of a giveaway without a purpose will not bring success. It also does not deliver to the intended participant. Considering these reasons, we understand the importance of determining goals and objectives before making the giveaway.

Another step, which is as important as the importance of the giveaway, is to determine a gift that will attract the attention of those who participate in the giveaway. As a result of the interesting gift to be given to the winner during the giveaway, more people participate in the giveaway. This increases the value of the brand quickly.

Apart from all these, the conditions of participation must be easily met. As an example, let's assume that 100 people must be followed among the conditions of participation in the giveaway. Most people who see this condition do not enter the giveaway. At the same time, the requirement to tag at least 5 people instead of tagging one to two people prevents most users from participating in the giveaway.

The giveaway period should also be short. Users participating in the giveaway want the winner to be determined as soon as possible. Extended giveaway dates are not very pleasing to users. For this reason, it is best to announce the results of the giveaway as soon as possible.

Promotion of the giveaway is very important. Here your giveaway reaches more people. Instagram users have more access to the accounts that participate in the giveaway. As a result of the advertisements made in the giveaway, the target audience is reached quickly.

Getting hashtags right expands the giveaway audience. As a result of using hashtags, your posts shared on Instagram reach much more people. It is important to use hashtags that will gain followers while giveaway.